Rami Noureddine - Webdeveloper

Rami Noureddine - Webdeveloper

Latest Projects

Members Application

Dato: April 2016

As a Volunteer administrator and webdeveloper at TG-Kvindesport, I've solved numerous of problems. While talking about their members, I've been told they use Excel to keep track of contact information and payments. Further they would spend a lot of time counting and calculating numbers of members with a certain age, members in total, sum per quarter and yearly payments. It was a very exciting project, as it gave me the opportunity to work out a solution for a real life problem.

By the time it was finish, i asked my friends and family to help me test it for better user experience. The only thing i would tell them was, what the program were for and what it was able to do. But without telling how to do it on the program. This gave me a lot of positive feedback and made the end result even better with new features, user experience and design. before the test for example, you would make a payment by going through every member one by one, which could be a little time consuming. I solved that by makeing a group payment button, to make it possible for multiple payments in one click. You choose a periode on the program and it gives you a list of members that haven'n payed for that periode.


  • Create members
  • Create activities
  • Create events
  • Dashboard with overview of all members
  • payment history in quarters and years
  • preview of member payments, signed up date, age, picture upload and contact information.
  • Option to disable members

The application is updated regularly as needed and I'm working currently on a new feature, that sends SMS to the members

Proapp By Cometpeople

Dato: Marts 2016

During my project employment at Comet People I had the opportunity to develop reports in their newly released Proapp.

Proapp is an enterprise app which has it’s own unique features to solve a series of problems in data reporting. The collected data can then be processed and calculate various statistics. The application is targeted for contractors who wants a smart, structured and user friendly system that can be handled right from the pocket.

This task gave me the opportunity to take my javascript and UX skills in use by making both static and dynamic form solutions.

Download Proapp here at the appstore


Date: January 2016

Cometpeople is a professional company that develop new modern smartphone apps and solutions for businesses on 3 separate platforms, IOS, Android and Windows.

During my project employment, I’ve had the pleasure to design, setup and develop their website in the CMS system "Composite C1 ", which has given me a lot of knowledge about javascript, Jquery, C#, Razor and ASP.NET.

websitet: www.Comet.dk


Date: August 2015

Shirtstyles is a webshop where you can order t-shirts and pay with creditcard through paypal. The main reason that I built this site, was to learn some PHP functionality and understand the structure of recalling functions without having to repeat myself. The site is built on MVC, that means the content will be generated through functions from the model, where the data is stored and gets passed to the view through controller, to be shown on the screen.

The project was done after completing the following tasks

  1. The ability to search for a T-shirt
  2. Build in a MVC structure (Model, View, Controller)
  3. Use HTaccess rewrite URL for more clean paths
  4. Use of DRY principle (Don't repeat yourself)
  5. Build with functions
  6. use of Pagination to avoid to many products on one page
  7. Paypal payment
  8. Contact form to communicate with customers

Souna Salon

Date: June 2015

The hairdresser has been in need of a website to attract attention for a while and it's not centrally located, so it can be a little hard to find. The owner has 25 years of experience in the industry and is very good at what she does.

Customer requirements:

  1. Able to find the hairdresser on Google
  2. Visitors can find opening hours and phone number, address and geographic location
  3. Visitors is able to get in touch through a contact form or e-mail
  4. product preview and description
  5. Overview of cutting prices
  6. Booking system - where the customer are able to order and wait for acceptance


Date: January 2015

Technology and computers is something that i always been passionate about , and for that occasion I thought, why not just make a website for a computer repair company. The name "PcFixer" was pretty obvious, cause it's short and simple and describes the company with one word. The company caters to users with all sort of broken computers such as broken laptop monitors, slow computers that needs cleaning or formatting, maybe because of viruses, spyware and malwares etc.


Date: December 2014

LadySports is a club that motivates women to exercise and get in better shape. The concept is based on a real union with another name. I used a couple of days to build a project plan that describes the design and colors that represent the sites appearance.

The website was coded with raw HTML and CSS, then I chose to build it as a wordpress template. The club are now able to create, edit, delete, news and activities, to update their members.


Date: July 2013

Psychologist Shak Jabiri have lived in Denmark for 45 years and served as Danish psychologist since 1991. He is the founder of Aramus where it offers an interdisciplinary treatment concept with physiotherapy, mental health counseling and psychiatric supervision

There was a need for a simple webpage, built in wordpress with a template that was designed and built from scratch in HTML and CSS.


Date: January 2013

Here we have a junkyard company concept I made. This company buys all kinds og cars, pick them up, unsubscribe the license plates, and scrap the car for you, all in one service.

The thoughts I made while in the process of planning was that, the visitor should't have no doubt where to get in touch with the company. The first thing you see when landing on the page is the phonenumber in top right corner. The other thing I focused on was to give the visitor the feeling of how easy the proces is, and it all can happen with 3 steps as illustrated on the left side og the front page. last but not least a "Call to action" kontaktform on the right for the customers to fill out.

This project learned me a lot about how to interact with the users and get their attention. It was exciting to reasearch how to get better contact with users, and with their feedback, improve the userbility for the site.